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Weber Grill BBQ Cooking and Making Use of the 2 Zone System

Weber Grill BBQ Cooking and Making Use of the 2 Zone System

When using the “Weber Grill BBQ — 2 zone system”, you will be dividing the grilling area into 2 separate areas.

The first of these areas we will call the direct zone.

The Direct Zone
The direct zone is the area directly above the hot coals where the heat is the strongest and the most direct, hence the name of this particular zone. In the 2 zone system you will need to move the hot coals over to one side of the grilling area to create your direct zone.

The direct zone is optimal for foods such as steaks or hot dogs. Foods that do not require long cooking times are cooked over the direct zone where you only want to cook your food over a high temperature for a short period of time. The main use of the direct zone is for meats and vegetables that need to be heated quickly at a high temperature, for taste and appearance, and then quickly removed from the heat once they have properly cooked and are done.

Indirect Zone
The Indirect zone is, as you probably guessed, the other side of the grill and directly opposed to the “direct zone”. This is the area of the grill that uses convection heat rather than direct radiant heat to cook.

Using the 2-zone system allows you to maintain the appropriate temperature applied to the food. In the direct zone, you can sear the outside of a nice thick steak over the high degree radiant heat to get the great taste from browning the meat, and then transfer it to the indirect zone to prevent burning and to continue cooking the interior of the steak at a diminished temperature.

More Uses for the Indirect Zone
Other than having an area of the grill to keep cooked food warm until serving and to finish cooking steaks you are still browning in the middle, you can use the indirect zone for cooking a different assortment of meats and vegetables that require low heat and prolonged cooking times.

Grilling Chicken
It is important for health reasons that you cook chicken completely. If you are cooking chicken pieces (not a whole chicken) it is ok to start them off over the direct heat zone but you should soon move them to the indirect zone before the outer skin and meat burns.

Continue to cook them over the indirect zone until done completely. Remember, the outer meat cooks much faster over direct heat, and while it may look done from the outside, the meat next to the bone may still be relatively raw and uncooked.

Using the 2 zone system will greatly enhance the taste, texture, and appearance of your BBQ and will help to make your next outdoor grilling venture a successful one.

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