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A Cheap Option For a Great BBQ

A Cheap Option For a Great BBQ

Ok we all know economies all over the world are in the toilet at the minute, so naturally we’re all looking to save a dollar here and there! Hey even if the economy wasn’t in the toilet it makes sense to try and save a few dollars! In any case, when we start cutting back one of the first things to go are the luxuries and non-essential items, like eating out for example.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom; you can dull the pain of not going out to eat in nice restaurants quite effectively by getting a little bit creative about eating at home! The simplest and cheapest way of spicing up the home dinning experience is with your BBQ. When done well, a BBQ meal can taste fantastic and also add a nice atmosphere to the whole dinning experience!

Still on the theme of saving a few bucks, the BBQ option is a double whammy, if you don’t already have a BBQ grill you can save a fortune by building a homemade BBQ grill. I’ve personally found this to be a great option. Store bought grills are pretty good if you can afford them, but for a fraction of the price you can make your own, with only a long afternoons worth of work!

The homemade BBQ grill is usually made out of a 55 gallon oil drum. These are a fantastic item, I’ve used them all over my yard for various different purposes, for collecting rain water, planting trees, you name it, you can probably use a 55 gallon oil drum for it!

As I said, making your own oil drum BBQ is cheap and very straightforward, but for me the best benefit is that this BBQ grill will be extremely sturdy! A lot of cheaper store bought grills will crumble to rust if a rain cloud even looks at them, but a homemade grill is almost bomb proof!

So if you want to save a few bucks but still want to get a bit of a buzz out of your meal time, the BBQ is a fun alternative, and if you need a grill and want to save even more money, make your own! Food rarely tastes better than when it’s cooked on a grill you’ve made yourself!

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